WildBounds manufactures sustainable camping gear and exceptional accessories

WildBounds offers camping equipment, home and garden accessories, and rucksacks made by independent brands with a strong focus on sustainability.

WildBounds manufactures sustainable camping gear and exceptional accessories

WildBounds are a brand that specialises in outdoor camping gear. They stock a wide range of products like tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags. But rather than manufacturing these themselves, WildBounds re-sells items from a range of independent brands. 

Because of that, you'll see a unique product catalogue curated by the WildBounds team on their website. Instead of big names, small businesses feature heavily. Dozens of them are included, and you can see the full range under the brands tab. 

They also focus on areas aside from outdoor camping gear. These include home and garden accessories, travel accessories, and everyday essentials. Under each of these tabs on their website, you'll find lists of product categories. Examples include headphones, towels, cutlery, hammocks, and sunglasses. 

That means WildBounds really does have something for everyone! For a small business, that's quite an achievement. They also have a few specific reasons why they launched their business, and we'll talk about those in the following section. 

Why WildBounds started selling camping gear

WildBounds was founded by Tom Oswald, an outdoor adventure enthusiast. He particularly enjoys kitesurfing, long-distance trekking, and wild camping. Since launching the business, several additional team members have come on board, all sharing Tom's passion for adventures. 

Tom Oswald, founder of Wildbounds, on a hiking trip.

The team are united in believing that people's stories should be shared far and wide. They do it through the brands they spotlight on their website and through being independent themselves. That independence means they can promote whoever they like. 

But it's not just about business. The team also believe that we can only make progress if we overcome our limits and step out of our comfort zones. That's what gave the business its name. Our "wild bounds" are the farthest points we can push ourselves.

However, they don't believe that should come at the expense of the environment we live in. They have several pillars of sustainability. These are as follows:

  • Sustainably sourced materials 
  • Local manufacturing 
  • Sustainable manufacturing 
  • Supporting ecological initiatives 

To show that these are more than simple pledges, WildBounds has given detailed information for each one. They share what materials they use, which initiatives they support, where their products are made, and how they're made.

Products from independent brands provided by WildBounds

There are dozens of products from plenty of brands available on WildBounds. Each of these brands has been selected carefully, with sustainability and independence in mind. There are so many products that we couldn't possibly cover them all, so we'll cover a few of their product categories instead. 

In particular, we'll look at Lanterns & Torches, Pouches & Cases, and Rucksacks. These are everyday items that most people will need at one point or another, especially when going on a camping trip or hiking expedition. 

Lanterns & Torches from WildBounds in the UK 

WildBounds include a range of lanterns and torches from brands like Petzl and BioLite. These include wearable lamps that you can strap to your head, like the Headlamp 330, as well as ones you can hang inside a tent, like the SiteLight Duo. 

WildBounds also provide solar-powered options and multi-functional LED lights, while ensuring all of the products they distribute are high-quality. Another good example is the Nightjar, which is remote-controlled and has six colours to choose from. 

The BioLite SiteLight Duo lamps from WildBounds in the UK.

The variety of torches and lanterns available on their website means you should have no trouble finding the best lighting for your situation. They even have a flexible USB-powered lamp called the FlexLight 100, which you can bend in any direction you need. 


Pouches & Cases distributed by WildBounds from the UK 

Pouches and cases also belong to their own category on the WildBounds site, and they come in all shapes and sizes. If you only need to take a few essentials for a day trip, you can rely on something like the Bellroy Classic Pouch. If you've got some work to do while you're outdoors, you can opt for the Matador Laptop Base Layer. It will keep your laptop safe while you're travelling. 

Matador Laptop Base Layer from WildBounds in the UK.

If you're more creative and like to do a bit of drawing while you're out in nature, then you'll probably enjoy the Bellroy Pencil Case. Bellroy designs are made to stand out and look good, no matter what you're buying. That means you'll be in safe hands from a style perspective too! 


Rucksacks from WildBounds for all your camping needs 

One more category we'll take a look at is rucksacks. These are essential pieces of camping gear, and WildBounds has got you covered. They've got rucksacks for hiking and travelling too. 

Capacities vary, with smaller rucksacks like the Kelty Redtail 27 Backpack and larger ones like the Kelty Redcloud 110 Backpack. That means you can choose one that's suitable for the length of your trip. You might even want to buy multiple bags for different occasions. 

The Kelty Redcloud 110 Backpack from WildBounds in the UK.

All of the rucksacks that WildBounds sell are made to be comfortable to wear and durable. So whether you have a lot to carry or very little, you won't have to spend ages readjusting your bag straps while trekking through beautiful landscapes. 


Sustainable and independent camping gear and accessories from WildBounds in the UK

There are many more products to investigate, and you can check out their website to see the full range. That's something we recommend because they focus on quality, sustainability, and independence. If these are your values, then you'll feel right at home with WildBounds. 

They'll also make you feel comfortable with their shipping options too. For British customers, they offer free delivery on any order over £30. If you're in Europe, you can get free shipping if you spend more than £250. For those who live elsewhere, WildBounds will ship using TNT at the best prices possible, but the final cost depends on three things:

  • The weight of your order 
  • Whether you've opted for economy or priority delivery
  • Which country you live in 

The shipping options available to you, and the relevant fees, will be shown on the checkout page before you buy. If you've got questions or you'd like WildBounds to give you a shipping fee quote, you can contact them. 

It's also worth bearing in mind that if you're outside Europe, you'll need to pay any import duties or customs fees incurred in the country you're having the order shipped to.

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