The Importance of an Oil Change

An oil change is the most affordable way to keep your engine running efficiently.

The Importance of an Oil Change

Of all of the things that you can do for your car's engine to keep at running at peak efficiency, an oil change is one of the most affordable and simplest thing, which can have phenomenal long-term benefit. Further, getting an Express oil change will not only protect and maintain your vehicle's engine but also the other components of your car as well.

Engine oil in many respects is the blood of an automobile, and just like blood, it serves several functions. For example, a car's internal combustion engine fires multiple explosions every minute in order to drive your car forward. This process generates an enormous amount of heat which has the potential to overheat your engine and ruin your car. However, oil can pull heat away from the engine and dissipate it throughout the engine block. Pulling heat away from you engine is particularly important if you drive out on the road for extended periods of time, as running your engine continuously will build up heat faster, than the “stop-and-go” traffic you experience in the city.

Car oil also acts as a natural lubricant keeping the engines pistons, valves, and other moving parts working as efficiently as possible. Conversely, an absence of quality oil lubrication means that the cars parts need to work harder to achieve the same performance. Over time this will not only damage the engine's parts but also decrease your miles to gallon ratio. So, by regularly changing your oil and having proper oil lubrication you can save up to an entire gallon of gas every year as well as prevent avoidable wear and tear on your engine.

Of course, after a while, your car's oil will begin to thicken and turn into a sludge-like material. This, in combination with other debris particles that build up in the engine, will act as another agent of damage. Getting a regular oil change prevents this from occurring. We could keep listing more specific issues which arise from not changing the oil but the point is that an oil change is a much-needed component of maintaining your car's health.

All of these positive features of an oil change together maintains engine performance and thus vehicle longevity, so getting a quality oil change on a regular basis is absolutely necessary. Consequently, getting an oil change is much like get a doctor's checkup for your car. And every vehicle should receive one once about every three to five thousand miles, or for most drivers, about once every three months. Skipping this will not only reduces engine performance and damage your engine, but also warp entire parts or even destroy your entire engine.

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