7 Simple Ways To Relax

7 things that I try and do to help me when I need to unwind

7 Simple Ways To Relax

No matter what you do you will always get stressed, it happens to everyone! Whether it's work, your studies or money we always seem to find something to stress about. Once you're there it's really hard to get yourself out of that mindset, everything seems to pile on making your life more and more stressful. One minute you're just worried about one certain deadline, next thing you know you have three of four more and suddenly you've broken your phone or you've massively overspent. The problem is people don't take time for themselves, they see it as 'procrastination or time wasting'. However, there is a huge difference between looking after yourself and 'procrastination'. It's this line that people need to find and it's so easy! I've set out 7 easy things that I find really help me relax and come back to whatever I'm doing with a clear head.

1. Get outside!

Every time I'm feeling overwhelmed, I always try and get outside. It doesn't matter what is making me stressed or where I am, if I need to relax on unwind I will always try and get some fresh air and go for wither a walk or a run. I honestly believe that where ever you are you can always find some fresh air and daylight. It doesn't cost anything, you barely need to bring anything with you - just possibly a pair of headphones to listen to your favorite tracks to help calm you down. This is definitely my easiest trick of de - stressing but it so unbelievably effective! Just taking a few minutes to clear your head will help you complete any task you need to complete.

2. Read! 

This one might seem like its not for everyone but it's 100% one of my best ways to take your mind off of whatever you're doing, even if it's only for a few minutes. As a uni student I have a lot of textbooks and articles to read each week, this normally gets quite overwhelming at times. As strange as it seems, just reading a chapter of non - fiction or a blog post really relaxes me and the fact that I am still reading keeps my brain in work mode. Whenever I tell people this one I always get someone that says 'but I don't really like reading'. To this I would say you don't always have to read books, read a blog post on something you love; make up, fashion, conservation - anything at all! You just have to find something you like and keep fining little bits of material on it. Studies have shown that you concentrate more when you work in 30 minute intervals with 5 minute breaks, in these 5 minutes I would suggest reading something totally unrelated to what you're doing! This way your brain is prepared to carry on. 

3. Turn off your phone 

So much of our stress comes from being exposed to so much through our phones. You're trying to do one thing and you're getting loads of notifications; texts, messenger, twitter, instagram, facebook, emails, and that isn't even all of them. We live in a world where everything we need is at out fingertips, however this can be extremely overwhelming! When you're trying to focus on one task, make sure you're focusing - don't be distracted by what's in your phone. Even when you're taking breaks, try and avoid going on your phone. Do something that will help you look after yourself, don't fill your time with more distractions and stress if you can help it. As a blogger I feel like I'm constantly on my phone, even when I'm having a nice day out I feel like I'm constantly checking my social media and thinking 'this would make a great photo'. Even I have to do social media cleanses to keep myself balanced and keep myself mentally healthy. I think this is honestly the best way to keep yourself centered and keep you focused.

4. Be creative  

Especially if you're doing something serious the best outlet is being creative, however, this means something different to everyone, to me this means journalling. About a year ago I started a bullet journal, it gave me complete freedom to be as creative or as minimalist as I wanted to be. This is what I've always done to relax and unwind - it gives me a chance to use the creative side of my brain and have a little bit of freedom. It also keeps me on top of everything and keeps me really organised so, if you're into that kind of thing and haven't already got one I can stress how great they are. I get that this isn't for everyone but again find what you like, if its art then really try and practice that, if you like building stuff of even writing try and do it as often as you can. It'll keep you relaxed and it'll help you unwind at the end of a day or a busy week. Always try and do something you enjoy or even try something new to keep the creative side of your brain active.

5. Reach out to someone close to you 

Even if it's just a phone call or a cuppa, try and make you're still making time for you to spend with your friends and family. I can not stress how important this is. Making sure you'll still having human contact can make you feel so much less stressed because you can vent and get it all out or you can forget about what is making you stressed and just enjoy one their company. It's so simple to reach out to someone, you don't have to spend any money whatsoever, just stay in and cook or just simply have a cuppa and catch up. All that matters is that you see someone so you're not just sat around thinking about what is making you stressed because trust me this will not help you solve anything. So call anyone - the first person who comes to mind!

6. Cook something beautiful

Cooking is one of the best way to relax because if you're stressed then whatever you're cooking just won't work. Therefore you have to get yourself into the cooking mindset. When you're cooking for yourself you have so much freedom - you can cook your favorite 'feel good' meal.  Whether that is a really nice salad or a burger or pizza it's just to make you feel relaxed and have a bit of fun. This way of relaxing works so well with number 5, you can cook something for you and a friend or you and a loved one. I always try to experiment with new recipes and new cookbooks just to keep things interesting and enjoyable. This is one of my best ways to relax because it completely shifts your mindset, when you're cooking you simply can't think about what is making you stressed and you are completely focused on the task in hand. Making something beautiful that will make you feel so much better on the inside will lift your mood. This isn't 'procrastinating' because even when you're super busy you still NEED to eat, so why not making it fun and relaxing at the same time. 

7. Glam yourself up 

So I know when you're stressed you really don't want to focus on what you look like, but hear me out. Whenever I'm doing something important I really need that extra bit of confidence to help me feel like I can do anything. I understand that confidence feels different to different people, to me its loving my outfit, doing my make up and making sure my hair looks great, but to some of you out there it might not mean that. So what I am suggesting is just make sure you have that confidence whatever that might mean to you, if its just waking up jumping in the shower and bam! You're already super confident then fab just do that but make sure you feel super confident and like you can take over the world, it's one of the best things to do to get any job done!  


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