Body Image And Self-Esteem: Series intro

A new body positive YouTube series to help us feel more confident in our own skin!

Hi, I'm Mel Ciavucco and I hated my body for so many years, like many people do. It's about time we took a stand! Too many people have body image issues which result in low confidence and anxiety, so I'm here to help. Join me on my journey and let's see if we can start being a little kinder and give our bodies a well-deserved break. I'll be picking a different topic each week, such as the diet industry, what's wrong with asking "am I pretty?", and tips for when loving your body just feels like too much.

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About Mel Ciavucco: Mel Ciavucco is a freelance writer from the UK. She is a blogger, fiction writer, screenwriter, content writer and editor. Mel is passionate about writing stories that challenge social norms, showcase diverse characters and contain realistic portrayals of mental health. She believes that sharing our stories and stepping out of our comfort zones makes us all better human beings. She is the founder of Write Kerfuffle: Writing and Editing Services  Personal blog:

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