The Weird World of Belgian Animals

You don't think of animals being Belgian, but of course they must be.

The Weird World of Belgian Animals

We've all heard of German Shepherds and French Bulldogs, but did you know there are Belgian breeds too? The Belgian Shepherd is a black medium sized dog which obviously herds sheep. The Malinois resembles an Alsatian and it is also a mahogany colour (pictured). There is a toy breed too-the Bichon is white and slightly resembles the West Highland Terrier. Snowy from Tintin was apparently a Bichon.

There are other types of animals such as Belgian Blue type of cow breed for its beef. The Antwerp Smerle is what is known as a "fancy pigeon". A fancy pigeon is one that is breed for its looks rather than its speed or homing instincts.

Um, this is where we run out. It's only a small country.

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